Thursday May 28th 2015

Welcome to CGSA Oahu!

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Aloha! The CGSA Oahu (Coast Guard Spouses Association Oahu) is a group established on the island of Oahu for the military spouses of all service branches.  Our goal is to create a support network for those stationed on Oahu.  CGSA Oahu has many different clubs that members can join from those involving our kids to ones that stimulate our minds and bodies.  We have monthly meetings that inform all members about upcoming events, fundraisers and projects.  For more information about the types of clubs we have. For information about joining Coast Guard Spouses Association Oahu.

Our website is designed to inform you with the up to the minute happenings. This is an interactive site, so please register and leave comments often.  Be sure to check back frequently as the site is constantly updated. We look forward to hearing from you! Mahalo!

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