Friday July 31st 2015

Kohala Coast Travel Guide

Kohala Coast is known for the rugged red lava fields. The rugged red lava field is a result of the Hualalai Volcano. Many world-class accommodations such as golf courses and fine restaurants can be found at Kohala Coast. It is quite a humid place because it receives lesser than 9 inches of rainfall every year. There are 8 different resorts in Kohala Coast. Nearby the Kohala Coast, there are several dry forests. At the summit of the Kohala Mountain, you will find the cloud forest. Cloud forest is a rainforest that get moisture from the cloud drips and rainwater. Because it receives sufficient rainfall, Rev. Elias Bond develops the land into sugar plantation and uses the money to fund the church.

If you want to visit the beach, you can go to Hapuna Beach State Park. Hapuna Beach is one of the beaches located on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is a beautiful white sand beach. Kohala Coast has many important historical sites, which play important role in the Hawaiian royalty. On the coastline of Kohala Coast, you can find the King’s Trail. The King’s Trail was initially used as passageway to transfer the fish wrapped leaves to the Hawaiian royalty. If you follow the King’s Trail, you will pass through many resort properties. In addition, you will also pass through the Pu’ukohola Heiau and petroglyph field when traveling on the King’s Trail.

The Pu’ukohala Heiau is the last temple built by King Kamehameha. King Kamehameha built the Pu’ukohala Heiau because he wanted to pay respect to the Kuka’lilimoku. Kuka’lilimoku is the war god. King Kamehameha paid tribute to Kuka’lilimoku war god because he wanted to conquer all the Hawaiian Islands and unite them into one country. After the temple was built, King Kamehameha did proceed to unify the whole island. King Kamehameha fought several battles in order to conquer all six Hawaiian Islands. The heiau is the last temple to built for carrying out human sacrifice ritual. You can explore the Pu’ukohala Heiau is you visit the national park.

Throughout the King’s trail, you will find detailed petroglyph images on the fields. To explore the petroglyph, you can read the signs posted along the trail. The petroglyph field is located on the golf course so you should always watch out for golf balls that are coming your way. There are many things you can do at Kona. You can carry out ocean activities such as snorkeling, fishing, diving and etc at the Kohala Coast.

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